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Georgia State House Representative Sandra G. Scott, member of the Georgia House Science and Technology Committee, former Vice Chair of the Largest Black Caucus in the United States; the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and National spokesperson for the Black Legislative Agenda, E-Learning Consult a Nigerian based E-Learning Education Company that works with the ECOWAS nations and D.L. Johnson Consulting Agency, LLC a brand management, business and political consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia and its global partners have collaborated to create the Georgia Africa Connection Week 2020.

The Georgia Africa Connection Week will occur on February 24 – 29, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. This series of events will give our guests the opportunity to meet government officials, view the rich culture of Africa through exhibits and vendors, discuss business opportunities within Georgia and the African continent and celebrate the vast possibilities that Georgia can provide to the continent of Africa.

The goal of the Georgia Africa Connection Week is to engage, educate and empower participants on the endless possibilities that doing business in Georgia can provide and the willingness of African government’s, business owners and the community at large to do business with Africa.

We will provide all the support and assistance for our international guests with flights, visa applications, accommodations, registration for the events, tourism and entertainment opportunities here in Georgia during your stay. We look forward to your review of our week of events and look forward to partnering with you in this endeavor.

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Georgia Africa Connection Week 2020

Our Host Location – Atlanta, Georgia

Video credit: Discover Atlanta at Atlanta.net

Our Hosts

D.L. Johnson Consulting Agency has a specialty in building campaigns and coalitions that build capacity. They have pioneered successful tools to help clients navigate new terrain in order to drive powerful messages, rapidly organize constituencies, generate grassroots support and ultimately achieve results. They use their political approach to succeed for their clients whether they are a candidate for office, a non-profit seeking to raise public awareness, a Fortune 500 company rolling out a new product to their customers or a municipality or country needs strategies on development..

Representative Sandra G. Scott has been an member of the House of Representatives since 2011 and has been working in her community to “Keep You Informed”. Her focus on under developed urban and rural communities through her community events and legislation she drafts around the black community, veterans, children, women and civil rights is consistent and passionate. She holds several membership positions on various national boards and is currently leading her Black Legislative Agenda across Georgia and the United States.

eLearning Consult is a knowledge and information management firm specializing in empowering higher education, open, distance and elearning systems/institutions through consultancy and training. We work in partnership with clients to create learning-driven change that drives performance improvement. Our unique blended learning solutions combine consultancy, face to face learning, elearning and application development. We take subject matter expertise and convert it to instructionally sound learning experience

Our Partners

Our Non-Profit Partner – Core2Globe is an Atlanta-based organization with a simple mission to improve the world. Simple huh? It really is when you take small bites. We are focused on building better world citizens that are more politically aware, more socially conscious, and more connected. When we say connected we aren’t talking about smartphones and wi-fi we are talking about connected through hugs, smiles, hard work and service.

Our Community Partner – The Global African Business Association (GABA) is a business support network whose mission is to link and develop business development through global trade, investment and education between Sub-Saharan Africa and local urban communities within the United States. Our vision is to Our vision is to serve as the leading advocate for African-owned companies in business development, wealth creation and economic empowerment.

Our Media Partner – The African Regional publications were registered in South Africa in April 2019 and commenced businesses in the same year. ARP publish the African Regional Journal and is responsible for the distribution of the African Regional Journal in South Africa and other parts of the world. We have partnered with ARP to communicate this opportunity to connect the Diaspora to the Georgia Africa Connection Week.

Welcome To Georgia Africa Connection Week 2020