Why is Georgia Connecting with Africa?

Global Marketplace

A vessel is loaded and unloaded at the Georgia Ports Authority Garden City Terminal near Savannah, Ga. (Georgia Ports Authority) Photo Credit: Atlanta Business Chronicle

Georgia’s Connectivity to Global Marketplace

Georgia’s global economic impact and its reputation as an international logistics hub is ideal for African countries to initiate its standing as a connector to the corridor for international relations to the global market place. With the largest single-container port in North America and the world’s most traveled airport, Georgia’s world-class logistics infrastructure provides its businesses seamless access to export markets. In 2016, total trade between Georgia and the world exceeded $121.7 billion and exports reach more than $35.6 billion.

Sister Cities

Connecting Georgia’s Cities to African Cities

Atlanta, Decatur, Macon and Hinesville are the only Georgia cities that have a sister city on the African Continent, all of which are on the West Coast of Africa.  The current environment for international trade with the initiatives of the President of the United States in regards to tariffs with the largest importers to the US (China), there is an optimal opportunity for access to the global marketplace right along the corridor of I-20 that leads straight to International waters and the perfect environment to create multiple Sister Cities across Georgia..

International Trade

Georgia’s Numbers in Imports/Exports

  • $106B in sales (11% of Georgia’s total sales)
  • $44B in state GDP (8% of Georgia’s total GDP)
  • $25B in income (6% of Georgia’s total personal income)
  • 439,220 full/part-time jobs (9% of GA total employment)
  • $5.9B in federal taxes
  • $1.4B in state taxes; and
  • $1.5B in local taxes